Saturday, March 10, 2018

Spring has sprung!

When the weather is nice, you can find us on the trails! We find peace in the woods! 

 Brooker Creek Preserve always has the best stuff to learn about...  Here they have skins of local animals for display and you have to match the picture of the animal, to the skin.
 And you can create feet prints in the sand.
and look at creepy insect skins and dried poop under the microscopes

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Florida State Fair!

We took the kids to the Florida State Fair for the first time!  They've never been to a state fair, so it was fun! Their favorite part was the animals!  They definitely take after their momma there.  

I was so busy living in the moment, that I didn't get many photos! But, Ty, who is usually scared of most rides, got on the swings, and enjoyed them! You see, he is on the Autistism Spectrum, and is generally scared of anything that moves when he is on it.  So this, this was a celebration for us, and I am so proud of him for wanting to do this! HE LOVED IT! <3 p="">

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Zoo!!!

Christmas here is not like Christmas' in NY.  There's no snow, and it's not even COLD! But, the upside to this is you can enjoy the outdoors, even on Christmas day! This year, we took a trip to Christmas in the Wild, hosted by The Lowry Park Zoo of Tampa.  We hold passes, and truly enjoy going.  During Christmas though, the zoo is really magical, So we go a few times during that time. 
Here is a few of my favorite pictures we captured while there this time.  

Friday, January 5, 2018

Dade's Birthday!

How do I have a 14 year old?

When did this happen?
He can now go to church dances, and he loves science.  I still see glimpses of my sweet little boy who referred to his friends as "my guys", and would tell his Pre K teachers that mom was just having 1 baby this time, in there.  But on the other side of things, I see so much more.  I see a whole new world opening up for him, as he starts new adventures.  This fall he will enter into high-school, go to Seminary, and I am sure there will be more church dances, as he has learned they normally serve junk food (something he isn't allowed much at home). 

14...  14 years that I have loved this kiddo.
14 birthdays we have celebrated.
14 cakes I have made just for him.
14 years of teaching (both him and I).
only 4 more years for him to be mine, and I will have to send him off to be in the world.
*commence tears here
2014 West Point, NY
2015 Highland Falls, NY

2016 Busch Gardens, Florida

2017 Florida
He made me a momma, he has taught me how to be good at it too.  There are so many things I could say to him, but words don't do my love for him any justice.  I hope he always knows how much I love him, and he carries that with him, through all his trials!  Happy 14th Birthday Dader's! <3 p="">